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Hose Harness w/ Seatbelt buckles, #HH-B
#HH-32G #HH-44 #HH-32G
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Three webbing hose straps and cross piece(spine) create a hose harness system that keeps hands free, and weight close to your center of gravity. Easy to transport hose, especially through narrow stairwells. Transports 50' to 200' of 1.5" or 1.75" fire hose, or shorter lengths of larger diameter hoses. Orange webbing spine with seatbelt buckles.

Unique features:

  • Seat Belt Buckles are easy to use - even with gloves on
  • Harness straps are designed to fit any size hose.
  • #HH-32G Includes reflective Triple-Trim to ensure it can be easily retrieved in dark environments.


Standard: 32"L with (3) 48" straps

Large: 44"L with (3) 48" straps

Sale price: $59.00